About - Forest Edge Flowers
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Seasonal Flowers

We delight in sharing the ephemeral beauty of form and color
nature presents throughout the year

Wedding Arrangements

Our homegrown cut flowers and woody perennials to provide elegant
and understated combinations of texture and color

About Forest Edge Flowers

We are a micro flower farm in Grass Valley, California that offers specialty blooms, unique foliage and fragrant herbs from late Winter through the Fall.

Choosing our small farm means you have a preference for local blooms that are grown with a conscience and harvested fresh within a day or two of your event. The farm is an extension of our magical homestead. Our border gardens are lined with flowering shrubs, historic trees, and lush vines that offer a nontraditional, garden-feel to our custom designed arrangements. Textural ingredients like artichoke blossoms from the vegetable garden or fruiting branches from the orchard often find their way into our designs. Growing and designing flowers maintains our connection to the natural rhythms of the landscape and inspires us to be creative every day. We love to share the abundance with others and hope our blooms bring you as much joy as they bring us!

Words that fuel our farm